Cockatoos Are As Crafty As Crows

Cockatoos Are As Crafty As Crows

From our journal article: Laumer, I. B., Bugnyar, T., Reber, S. A., & Auersperg, A. M. I. (2017). Can hook-bending be let off the hook? Bending/unbending of pliant tools by cockatoos. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 284(1862), 20171026.

By GrrlScientist in Forbes

“A new study groups cockatoos into the “innovative tool makers and users” club alongside crows and chimpanzees — leaving human children far behind. Again. People had long (and mistakenly) thought that designing and using tools was what set us apart from other animals. We even become rather smug about this, too. Then in 1990, we were astonished to learn that wild chimpanzees use tools. After we calmed down, we decided, ok, chimpanzees can use tools, but they’re our closest living relatives, so that’s allowed. But everyone else is still stupid compared to us primates — especially those birdbrains.”

In Science Daily

“In the early 2000s the New Caledonian crow Betty in Oxford shocked the world when she spontaneously bent a hook into a straight piece of wire while trying to retrieve a small out-off-reach basket with a handle from a vertical tube. Interestingly, when human children were tested on a similar task setup they showed great difficulties with coming up with a suitable solution until the age of nearly eight years. New Caledonian crows are specialized tools users in the wild and their ability to handle tools is innate.”

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